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HaVoC is a server-side mod for Starsiege: Tribes (aka Tribes 1) which adds many weapons, game types, and other features while keeping gameplay balanced. No dowload is required, just grab the latest Tribes and connect to a HaVoC server.

Nov 22, 2016 -- NaTeDoGG

I had bit of trouble getting Tribes to work and the server to show up. First grab an updated Tribes version which will run on Windows 10, like Tribes 2015. The interface is a bit weird, but it works. You can unzip the latest HaVoC into your Tribes folder to get "Finish him!" and other sounds for HaVoC duel maps, but this is not required. Next the HaVoC server wouldn't show up. To fix that, open config/Server/ServerPrefs.cs and add these lines to the very end:
$Server::MasterName0 = "bugs";
$Server::MasterAddressN0 = "t1m1.masters.tribesmasterserver.com:28000";
Run Tribes, refresh the server list, and you should see the HaVoC server.

May 15, 2016 -- NaTeDoGG

It's been more than 13 years since the last HaVoC release. Life happens and it's easy to get busy. I recently came across a 10 year old Tribal War thread with people reminiscing about HaVoC back in the day. It was great to recognize names I had not thought of for so many years. We had some fun times back then!

It would be sad for HaVoC to disappear completely, so I decided to resurrect this old website. I grabbed it from Way Back Machine and kept the old tacky style. Enjoy!

New HaVoC server
I found there is still one HaVoC server up, "New Crochunter's Lair", which runs 1.5.9c. I'm glad the mod hasn't been completely abandoned! Still, I decided to put up my own dedicated server to ensure it stays up forever. It's called "[HvC] havoctribes.com" and is located in a datacenter on the US east coast. I'd love to brush off the old disclauncher and get in a game! Drop me a line if you're up for it. I could put up a forum if there is enough interest.

New HaVoC version
Lastly, I decided to do a HaVoC update. In older versions, the name "[HvC]NaTeDoGG" was disallowed and there was a backdoor to get admin status if you had the right IP. Since I never had a static IP, these functions were only possible for a few weeks. I was a foolish kid at the time and I apologize to everyone for the backdoor, but especially to Rosencranz and Tim Wheat. I've ripped out these parts and changed the URLs in the mod to havoctribes.com. The result is HaVoC 1.7.0, which can be downloaded here. I'm open to doing more improvements.

Grenade: Concussion
Beacon: Pulse Sensors

The Scout is the fastest and weakest armor. It is only able to carry 2 weapons and limited ammo, but it has a very high speed on the ground and can blast itself enourmous distances with Concussion Grenades. It is a good but fragile choice for flag captures. The Scout doesn't have a lot of jetpack energy but it recharges at a fast rate, especially with an energy pack.

Special Abilities
If you are touched by a Scout you will be blinded temporarily. While you are blinded you will not be able to put enemies on your team's sensor network by looking at them, which means you won't be able to see cloaked enemies at all.
Grenade: Plastique Explosives
Beacon: Satchel Charges

The Spy is a light but powerful armor that excels at destroying turrets, generators, and deployables via Plastique Explosives. The Spy is the only armor to use the Magnum and Cloaking Pack. Study the Sensor Network Guide to learn how to escape enemy detection.

Special Abilities
The Spy can make use of enemy teleporters, which is often more useful than just destroying the teleporter. The Spy can also open enemy force field doors. The Spy's footsteps don't make sound, allowing you to sneak up on enemies.
Grenade: Decoy
Beacon: Sensor Jammer

The Sniper can carry the Laser Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and Cybernetic Laser which are all powerful, long range weapons. The Sniper is a fast but relatively weak armor.

Special Abilities
The Sniper is the only armor able to carry sniping weapons. When a Decoy is used it is randomly placed directly in front of or directly behind the player that used it. This can confuse enemies as to which is the Decoy and which is the Sniper.
Grenade: Generic
Beacon: Speed Boost

The Mercenary is a jack-of-all-trades. Not too slow, yet relatively powerful, this armor is often overlooked for a more specialized role.

Special Abilities
The use of Speed Boosts sets the Mercenary apart from the other armors. When skiing and practice, Boosts can move the otherwise slow Mercenary across the map quickly.
Grenade: Incendiary
Beacon: Targeting Beacons

The Burster armor carries the most destructive weapons of all the medium armors. While it can carry many types of heavy weapons, it is somewhat limited on ammo. This armor can be used as a base destroyer but due to its lack of speed and ammo capacity it can be a challenge to get to the enemy base quickly.

Special Abilities
The Burster is the only armor that can carry the Demolition Pack and the only medium armor to carry Mortars.
Grenade: EMP Grenades
Beacon: Cloaked Camera

The most important armor for defense, the Engineer can deploy everything in the inventory. As a defenisve armor, it isn't able to carry much ammo. The Dart Rifle can be used to damage and slow enemies before they get close to your base. After that, your deployable defenses, EMPs, and other weapons can take care of most threats.

Special Abilities
Upon touching another team member, the Engineer will repair them a small amount. It is also the only armor able to use the Engineer Repair Gun and Power Core Pack. The Engineer normally carries 2 Repair Kits, 3 with an Ammo Pack. Like the Spy, an Engineer can use enemy teleporters and open enemy forcefield doors. Also you can defuse Plastique Explosives and Demolition Packs by touching them, although occaisionally that can fail.
Grenade: Cloak
Beacon: Teleport Beacon

This armor can only carry 3 weapons but it is a little bit faster than the other medium armors. A specialty armor, the Infiltrator's main purpose is for getting in and out of large enemy bases such as Scarabrae or Broadside.

Special Abilities
Using Teleport Beacons, Cloaking Grenades, and the Teleport Pack you can easily get past defenses and confuse enemies. Click here for more information. The Infiltrator can also use the Command Laptop to take over turrets.
Grenade: Mortar Bomb
Beacon: Emergency Force Field

One of the slowest armors, the Cyborg can carry the most powerful weapons with plenty of ammo. It is also the strongest armor. You may be in trouble if caught out in the open though, as lighter armors can be hard to catch. Indoors however, a Cyborg can be very hard to get rid of.

Special Abilities
Armed with its innate ability to put up Emergency Force Fields the Cyborg is best for base raping. It is the only heavy armor that can use shields.
Grenade: Phoenix Missiles
Beacon: Armageddon Missiles

Another slow heavy armor, the Behemoth packs alot of artillery. While not as strong as the Cyborg, the Behemoth can hold its own better outdoors with Phoenix and Armageddon Missiles. It cannot use shields, giving it a disadvantage indoors.

Special Abilities
Carries portable Phoenix Missiles, allowing it to hit fast targets even around corners. Armageddon Missiles are also very deadly and have a large blast radius.
Shoot alot of bullets at your enemies with the Chaingun. Very useful for hitting airborne enemies.
Plasma Gun
This gun shoot slow moving, high powered balls of plasma. Great for killing someone point blank, destorying small turrets, and base infiltration. They can also set the enemy on fire for a short time.
Grenade Launcher
Good for base infiltration... these can bounce grenades around corners. The Grenade Launcher is for medium range combat -- too far and your grenades won't reach, too close and they bounce harmlessly past your enemy.
Blast anything and everything to little bits. They have a very large blast radius.
Hyper Spinfusor
This weapon can fire a large number of discs to flood an entire area with explosions. Although you can't carry much ammo for it, the Hyper Spinfusor makes for a good surprise for someone trying to dogfight you without one.
Disc Launcher
Standard issue.
EMP Grenade Launcher
Anyone within the blast radius of these electromagnetic pulse grenades will be short-circuted temporarily, rendering energy weapons and jet packs temporarily useless. Good for heavy armors to ground the faster moving lights and for catching that flag carrier.
Guided Rocket Launcher
If the your target is in your sights when you fire this will shoot a seeking rocket that will follow them while they are in your view. Otherwise just fires a straight dumb fire rocket. Rockets have alot of force when they explode, have a large blast radius and can knock players away, though they don't do much damage.
Rocket Launcher
Shoots a dumb fire rocket. Rockets have alot of force when they explode, have a large blast radius and can knock players away, though they don't do much damage.
Sniper Rifle
This rifle shoots high powered bullets that don't give away your position like the Laser Rifle. However, the bullets are not armor piercing so body shots will do very little damage. Face shots are what this weapon is about. Click here for a better explanation.
Dart Rifle
Shoots darts filled with poison that slowly leech away your enemies health. The poison also affects their mobility, slowing them down for a little while. This makes for an easier kill. Darts will not penetrate Shield Pack nor Cyborg shields.
The Spy's weapon, the Magnum can take out light armors with only a few shots. It is a short or medium range weapon, it won't reach long distances. The Magnum is completely silent when you change weapons to it, great for sneaking up on players.
A well rounded weapon. It is very accurate at great distances and does moderate damage. However, it's main use is not to be a sniping weapon. It is good for taking down shields. Help destroy a turret's shields from afar, works especially well if one of your teammates is attacking the turret at the same time. If a player is shielded when hit with this weapon then massive amounts of damage are inflicted on the shielded player.
Your everday Blaster with an increased range to make it a bit more useful.
Laser Rifle
The Sniper's best friend for assasination. A very dangerous weapon. Be careful after shooting it because the red beam this weapon lets out gives away your position. Head shots do alot of damage but face shots do even more. Click here for a better explanation.
Shockwave Cannon
Releases a blast of energy that knocks anything in its radius away. Doesn't do much damage though.
Flame Thrower
Torch enemies after mastering this short ranged weapon. Great indoors.
An electronic flux weapon that will drain your targets energy cells. Doesn't do much damage but has a long range. Good for grounding the enemy quickly. Not effective against shielded objects though it does well against shielded players.
Engineer Repair Gun
This enables the Engineer to carry a pack other than the Repair Pack and still have a repair gun.
Energy Pack
Increases your armor's energy recharge rate. It will allow you to keep recharging energy when hit with an EMP.
Repair Pack
Repair yourself, inventories, generators, deployables, and other players.
Shield Pack
Causes damage done to you to be taken away from your armor's energy and not your health. Also does not allow EMPs or poison darts to penetrate the shield. Beware the Railgun.
Sensor Jammer Pack
Suppresses pulse sensors. Check out the Sensor Network Guide for more information.
Cloaking Pack
Renders you invisible (to anyone with a 3D card) and supresses pulse sensors. If detected by motion sensors or enemy players then you will have a red arrow above your head. Although... there is a way around this...
StealthShield Pack
A Shield Pack and Sensor Jammer Pack hybrid. This shield will not stop EMPs or poison darts.
Cybernetic Laser
This shoulder mounted laser draws from your armors energy cells to fire a laser blast similiar to that of the Laser Rifle, although it is alot less powerful. Using this in conjunction with another sniping weapon is a deadly combination. Its high drain on your energy cells cause them to not recharge for a few seconds. This pack requires a free weapon slot.
Auto Rocket Cannon
Upon activation this shoulder mounted launcher shoots a rocket. This allows you to fire off rockets while fighting with another weapon. This can help a Cyborg hold his own on open ground.
Command Laptop
This pack allows you to control turrets without being at a command station. Also, you can attach this to enemy turrets by touching them. After a few seconds, if you are still alive and the turret is not destroyed, the turret will be reprogrammed, converting it to your team. It takes the Spy longer to take over a turret than the Engineer or Infiltrator.
Demolition Pack
A portable bomb. Upon deployment you have 20 seconds to run like hell. Also detonates if you commit suicide (ctrl+k).
Ammo Pack
This pack allows you to carry extra ammo and Repair Kits.
Flame Turret
This turret lobs balls of plasma at enemies. While not very fast, these turrets have pretty good aim. And they burn. Can only be deployed on flat surfaces and are very weak. When destroyed the turret will catch any players in the area on fire.

Range: 37
Sensor Range: 10
ELF Turret
An electronic flux turret that will drain the energy cells of enemy players. It doesn't drain much life but is great making an enemy's shield pack worthless. These turrets resemble cameras, they are small and usually overlooked.

Range: 20
Sensor Range: 20
Plasma Turret
These large turrets aren't very accurate but can be hard to avoid in large numbers or enclosed areas.

Range: 60
Sensor Range: 100
Mortar Turret
Shoots bigger than average mortars up to 400m. Doesn't fire by itself, you must control it remotely.

Range: 0
Sensor Range: 0
Ion Turret
A small rapid fire turret. Can be deployed on any surface.

Range: 35
Sensor Range: 65
Laser Turret
This turret fires a high powered laser at anyone unlucky enough to get too close. Although, it won't sense you if you aren't moving OR it can be suppressed with a Sensor Jammer. Mainly used to keep light and medium armors away, they aren't effective against heavies. Uses a special kind of built-in sensor, see the Sensor Network Guide for more information.

Range: 80
Sensor Range: 40
Vulcan Turret
Shoots bullets with a high rate of fire. Doesn't fire by itself, must be controlled manually.

Range: 0
Sensor Range: 0
Spy Drone
When deployed you will be put in control of a small drone. You can then spy on the enemy. Almost anything will destroy the drone and it can only travel a limited distance from the person controlling it (~250 meters). Press jump to exit the drone.
This will cure you of posion.
Targeting Beacons
These beacons will provide targeting information to any teammates using a Mortar, Grenade Launcher, or EMP Grenade Launcher.
Base Alarm
This alarm will notify the team when any enemies are detected. Also notifies the team if it is destroyed. Only one is allowed per team. It uses pulse sensor sensor technology that cannot be jammed or avoided.

Range: 19
Rail Turret
Shoots a very high powered laser. Doesn't fire by itself, must be controlled manually.

Range: 0
Sensor Range: 0
EMP Turret
Fires an electromagnetic pulse that will short circut energy systems temporarily and also disarm you. Be careful where you deploy these as the blast will effect everything around it.

Range: 40
Sensor Range: 40
Rocket Turret
Shoots seeking missiles at the heat signature of enemy jets. Also will shoot at enemies that have caught on fire. Uses a special kind of sensor, see the Sensor Network Guide for more information.

Range: 120
Sensor Range: 170
Missile Control Station
This is used to fire personally controlled, long range missiles. Click here to learn how to use it.
Inventory Station
A limited version of the fixed inventory station in your base. You can buy most weapons and ammo but not armors at these stations.
Ammo Station
For reloading and regaining health in the field.
Air Ammo Pad
This is a deployable platform with an ammo station mounted to it. It can be deployed in the air and is good when you need a little more hieght for your mortars or a better view to snipe.
Gives you an extra kick in the ass for when you need to jump a little farther. Useful for light and medium armors but isn't very effective with heavies. Occaisionally Springboards can malfunction.
Teleport Pad
Allows instant travel from pad to pad. Cannot transport heavy armors unless Power Core Packs are used. Click here for more information.
Paints enemies with a green laser. Does no damage but is very annoying.

Range: 150
Motion Sensor
Senses moving enemies. See the Sensor Network Guide for more information.

Range: 25
Pulse Sensor
Use these to increase your sensor range and let you prepare for incoming enemies. See the Sensor Network Guide for more information.

Range: 100
Sensor Jammer
Jams friendly and enemy sensors alike so don't put them by your base. See the Sensor Network Guide for more information.

Range: 37
Allows you to look through its eyes from the Commander screen. You can set the direction the camera is looking this way. Cameras only detect enemies in the direction they are looking, they will not turn to look at enemies by themselves. See the Sensor Network Guide for more information.

Range: 40
Teleport Pack
When used this pack attempts to find a Teleport Beacon in range. While they do have a short range (~60 meters), if you are close enough you will gain control of the beacon. Click here for more information.
Teleport Beacon
When controlled with a Teleport Pack this beacon can teleport you to its location. Click here for more information.
Force Field
A small force field.
Large Force Field
A large force field.
Force Field Door
A small force field that disappears for members of your team. These doors can also be opened by enemy Spies and Engineers.
Large Force Field Door
A large force field that disappears for members of your team. These doors can also be opened by enemy Spies and Engineers.
Blast Wall
A very durable deployable wall. The anchoring for these walls require deployment on terrain only.
AA Turret
This turret never fires on players. It will only fire at vehicles in range. It shoots 3-4 fast, high powered missiles at a time. These missile cannot be outrun by any vehicle. This turret can be controlled by a player and used to shoot down incoming guided missiles.

Range: 90
Sensor Range: 100
Tractor Turret
Pulls an enemy toward it. Does little damage but can pull enemies into more defenses.

Range: 45
Sensor Range: 65
Tractor Beam
Pulls an enemy toward you. If used right you can actually throw them a quite a distance.
Targeting Laser
Paint targets for mortaring.
Decoys look like enemy players. They have a red arrow for all players regardless of team and all turrets will fire on them. Be careful where you place these.
Interceptor Pack
Deploys an Interceptor vehicle when used.
StealthHPC Pack
Deploys an HAPC vehicle when used.
Repair Kit
Recovers some of your health. Can also be used on stations, deployables, and other players. This means if a large group is standing around a broken inventory, they can repair it by using their Repair Kits on it. If you use a Repair Kit on an enemy object or an object that is at full health then the Repair Kit will be used on yourself.
A mine is a terrible thing to waste...
Plastique Explosives
This is a powerful explosive with a 15 second fuse. They have a concentrated blast radius.
Satchel Charges
Deployable explosives that must be set off from the Commander screen. After gaining control of one, press jump to detonate. Once set off you will be able to see the explosion for a few seconds. Wait the few seconds or press jump again to regain control of your player.
Concussion Grenades
These grenades don't actually do much damage but they are good for blowing your enemies away from you. Also good to knock yourself and teammates great distances.
Speed Boost
Propells you the direction you are looking when used. If you are not moving when a Boost is used it will propel you straight up. They require a bit of jet pack energy to absorb the heat. Using a Heat Sink Pack helps alot.
Incendiary Grenades
These grenades have a slightly larger blast radius than generic grenades and can set your enemy on fire for a short time.
Toxin Grenades
These grenades have a short fuse and let out a cloud of gas that will poison enemies for a short time. Shields cannot stop the poison gas.
Renders you invisible (to anyone with a 3D card) and jams pulse sensors for a few seconds. If detected by motion sensors or enemy players then you will have a red arrow above your head. Although... there is a way around this...
Mortar Bomb
These grenades have a long fuse and create a tremendous blast, almost as powerful as a mortar.
Emergency Force Fields
Using these will put up a temporary shield similar to the shield pack. This shield will also block EMPs and poison darts. Beware the RailGun.
EMP Grenades
These grenades let out an electromagnetic pulse that will short circut enemy energy systems temporarily. Does not affect Engineer armors.
Pulse Sensors
Use these to increase your sensor range and let you prepare for incoming enemies. The Scout can carry up to 4 with an Ammo Pack. See the Sensor Network Guide for more information.

Range: 100
Flag Decoy
This puts a flag on your back that looks just like the real thing - pulsing light and all - except it is always black. Good for fooling enemies from a distance.
Phoenix Missiles
These missiles have a pretty good range and very good handling. They do moderate damage.
Tomahawk Missiles
These missiles don't do alot of damage, they can kill a light with a direct hit but but won't kill a medium. However, they have an extremely long flight time.
Cluster Bomb
This bomb unleashes many little bomblets upon detonation. Anyone caught in the explosions will not be happy.
Power Core Pack
This pack can be used on a station, turret, or sensor to power it when the generators are down. When used on a player it greatly improves their armor's energy recharge rate. This pack can also be used to enhance the energy systems of a teleporter. Click here for more information.
Vortex Missiles
These missiles cause a great implosion upon detonation. Any players in a large radius will be thrown toward the point of impact.
Napalm Missiles
This missile burns anything in the area for a long while after it hits. Does high damage at ground zero and anything in a large radius catches on fire.
Havoc Missiles
The most powerful missile, these babies have a very concentrated blast radius but are very powerful. Hard to control because they move so fast. This missile is extremely useful for destroying enemy turrets.
Toxin Missiles
On contact these missiles unleash a cloud of poisonous gas. Anyone going through this cloud before it disperses becomes poisoned for a very, very loong time. Shields cannot stop the poison gas.
The Shotgun is a short ranged weapon. It can be deadly point blank and can sometimes nick off that last bit of health from medium range. It has a short delay before firing which causes the weapon to require planning. It also has a delay before it can be fired again.
Armageddon Missiles
These high-powered dual missiles are fired from the shoulder weapons on a Behemoth. They have a large blast radius and do alot of damage.
Command Station
Any armor can control turrets from these stations without having to recharge their internal command systems between controlling different turrets.
Large Elf Turret
This big turret will suck away an enemies energy and health very rapidly.

Range: 40
Sensor Range: 40
Repair Drone
Upon being deployed you are given control of a little drone. You can fly this around and repair things. Almost anything will destroy the drone and it can only travel a limited distance from the person controlling it (~200 meters).
EMP Missiles
These missiles don't do much damage unless they hit their target point blank, although they repeatedly EMP everything in a large radius. Very useful for taking the shields away from enemies turrets and sensors.
Heat Sink
This pack hides your heat signature from Rocket Turrets, they will no longer fire at you. Also reduces the effect Tractor Turrets and EMPs have on you and makes you unable to catch on fire. The Heat Sink also increases the efficency of Mercenary Speed Boosts.
Smoke Bomb
When this bomb goes off it creates a cloud of thick smoke that jams pulse sensors. Useful for setting plastique or running by a turrets, etc. It will 'blind' anyone within the cloud for a short time. While you are blinded you will not be able to put enemies on your team's sensor network by looking at them. This means you won't be able to see a cloaked enemy at all!
Cloaking Device
Deploying this on a sensor, turret, deployable, inventory, generator, etc will render it invisible to anyone with a 3D card.